With the return of spring now is the perfect opportunity to change our hefty clothes to some chirpy ones, which usually come in more cheerful colours.

That’s why I’d like to introduce you my perfect handmade pink sweater that is especially great for this tricky time of year, when we’re still months away from t-shirt wearing but can no longer wear warm coats.

I usually pair it with something simple and casual like my boyfriend’s jeans or mini-leather skirt and the colour of the sweater does the rest. I’ve been wearing it quite often also during the winter time for the past few months, and strangers still stop me on the street to ask about my magical pink sweater. You can’t even imagine how many compliments I received and how many people insisted that it was definitely my colour!

So the conclusion is: don’t be afraid to wear bright colours and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how people will react to your outfit.

On me:

Handmade sweater by Valentina Kalashnikova

Collin’s jeans

Gucci dionysus bag

Carmens boots


Restaurant Christian, Moscow


Puffer Jacket

Puffer Jacket

When it is cold in Milan (or wherever you are:)) a laid-back look is exactly what you need to stay cozy and at the same time keeping it trendy.

Coats are a must when the wind starts to blow and the temperatures go down, but you may also need for colder days a puffer jacket which have been so popular these last two seasons and are one of my favorite things in my closet right now.
Really, how can one not have a great puffer jacket during the coldest month of the year?

I was wearing:

&OtherStories shirt

Zara jeans

Carmens boots

Furla Metropolis bag

Photo credits:

Ksenia Ivanova

Most Wanted: Skirt in Metallic Leather

Most Wanted: Skirt in Metallic Leather

Despite the cold weather this year lots of leading brands encourages us to wear mini skirts. It’s up to you to decide if to wear them or not, but according to designers, a true fashionista fears no cold or limits 🙂

As for me, I’m obsessed with mini skirts and especially with leather ones. I think that a skirt itself is one of the main attributes of femininity.

In other words a leather skirt is one of the most unique and stylish item that we can find in boutiques. It makes you more beautiful and elegant.

For today’s look I paired it with my turtleneck green sweater, stockings and square heel suede sandals. But if you prefer a more laid-back style I’d recommend you to try to combine it with an over-sized sweater, bomber or hoodie.

So say yes to a leather skirt and go to hit the streets!

And a coffee break? Today’s SCD choice: Clotilde BistrotA new food concept inspired by bistros and traditional Milanese cuisine. 

I was wearing:

Zara skirt in metallic leather

&OtherStories turtleneck shirt

TOPSHOP square heel suede sandals

Celiné Trapese Bag

Calzedonia tights


Ksenia Ivanova