Pink and blue shades

Pink and blue shades

September in Moscow is when days feel like summer and nights like fall.

So given this surprisingly good weather, I thought why not opting for pink and blue shades in my latest outfit?

Ribbons and stripes together with a pink suede jacket and sneakers: items that are easy-to-wear and perfect to match.

And have you noticed my new Gazelle laced up around the ankles? There is something so effortlessly stylish about it and I find it super cool! So if you feel the same way try it out too and let the compliments roll in:)

Outfit details: &OtherStories shirt, Zara Jacket, Chanel Shoulder Bag, Subdued Jeans, Dior Sunnies, Adidas Gazelle Sneakers.

Photo Credits: Daria Kukushkina

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