Gogol & Company experience

Gogol & Company experience

Dear reader, the first place that I’ve chosen to launch my “Coffee Break” project is Gogol&Company Café – essentially a book store in disguise.

You would wish you lived across the street from it but no, it ain’t downtown Milan, not even close to it. But in spite of the location, it is worth a visit and, if needed, a long ride on the tramcar, rest assured of it.

For if you are looking to a nice and restful venue in Lorenteggio neighbourhood, where to have your morning latte and read the last effort of your favorite author, this is the place to be.Tasty coffee and good selection of wines mix with an array of soul food to nibble: homemade sweets, donuts, bagels and bruschettas.

The surroundings feature a vintage and fashionable design, an outdoor seating and, in the back, a tiny corner where twin sofas face a window with a breathless urban view. Who wouldn’t hang out there sipping hot latte, reading and staring at the buzzing city? As for me, i could spend hours there.

So let me tell you something: This café represents your sweetest escape from roaring Milan, period. Ok then, get yourself a nice book and a cup of the finest Italian cappuccino and relish your stay.




IMG_7545 copy



For hot summer day in Milan i have chosen to wear:

H&M striped shirt

H&M denim ripped shorts

Atos Lombardini leather sandals

Ph:  Ksenia Ivanova

Location: Gogol & Company Café

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