Coffee Story at Jean Jaques.

Coffee Story at Jean Jaques.

After a long stroll under the rain a hot drink is what you need to warm yourself up.

During our lives we eventually take some habits. For me a cup of a foamy cappuccino on the morning is an every day ritual and my own comfortable routine. Good or bad, it helps me get through the tasks that we daily face. 

In Italy it is very common to drink a sweet shot of an espresso at the bar without even sitting; in America it’s insanely popular to get a take away coffee and walk with it straight down the avenue. But I prefer to spare some time sipping my coffee-latte drink without being on the rush. That’s how I found the way to prepare for you a couple of cozy shots with my cup as a key player.

Take it from me: enjoy your day and don’t forget to savor the last bit of this summer before the rain will eventually sweep it away.

Big thanks to the manager of Jean Jaques on Stoleshnikov lane for hosting us outside despite the rainy day.

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Outfit details:

COS Dress

&OtherStories Leather Jacket

New Balance Sneakers

Furla Metropolis Bag

Jord Wood Watch

Dior Sunglasses

Pandora Bracelet

Location: Jean Jacques

Photo credits: Daria Kukushkina

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