Mules: chic and easy to wear

Mules: chic and easy to wear

It’s no surprise that mules have earned the title of shoes of the year, as they really are one of those suitable for every event in your agenda from work to brunch and parties — not to mention the fact that their shape is universally acknowledged as flattering. They can be at the same time casual, comfort, cool and chic. But if you’re still deciding which pair you should buy this summer, let me introduce you my new Chiara Ferragni glittery slippers. If you are looking for adding a trendy twist to your outfit they are just perfect.

In any case also more practical mules are gaining momentum: from simple black to pink suede, these elegant sliders are the most laid-back style you can feel chic in and are always perfect for city errands.

Anticipation: you are going to want more than one pair.


On me:

Zara Dress

Chiara Ferragni Slippers

Céline Bag

Richmond&Finch White Marble – Rosé case

Rocchetta: stay beautiful

Rocchetta: stay beautiful

Nowadays the idea of beauty is becoming more and more intertwined with the idea of well-being. Young and adults alike are aware that in order to look good is necessary first of all to stay fit with your body. That’s why we have been noticing a greater attention to what we eat, especially healthy food. By the same token, drinking a water that helps getting rid of impurities is pivotal if we want to achieve a good shape and therefore have a killer look.

Oggigiorno la bellezza è sempre più legata al concetto di benessere. Giovani e adulti sono ormai consapevoli dell’assunto che per avere un bell’aspetto è necessario innanzitutto essere in forma con il proprio corpo. Ed è per questo motivo che notiamo sempre di più una maggiore attenzione al consumo di cibi sani e leggeri. Allo stesso modo, bere un’acqua che facilita l’eliminazione di impurità dal proprio corpo è sicuramente indispensabile per raggiungere un buon stato di forma e quindi apparire più “belli”.

So stay healthy and drink Rocchetta to get an amazing look inside and outside! 🙂



A while ago I had a chance to be in partnership with the brand Subdued for a new SS17 collection in collaboration with Kube Agency and the bloggers Lucrezia Candelori, Natalia D’Amario and Alice Tranchida. It was an amazing experience and we definitely had lots of fun!

High waist jeans and a white tee happen to be one of my favorites. They are easy and comfortable to wear with a pair of flats or sneakers during the day, let alone a pair of heels and a jacket on top for the night. So Subdued may be just perfect for you if you wanna opt for this kind of style.

Here there some pics from our shooting! Check them out and choose your favorite look by leaving a comment below:)

Photo Credits:

Francesca Ravelli


Ludovica Narciso




Effortless elegance

Effortless elegance

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For today’s look, I wanted you to focus on my blazer-dress, that’s why I paired it with denim shirt, black tights, white sneakers. To complete this look (since it was still a bit chilly outside) I popped on my shoulders a leather jacket.

I could not forget about my accessories: they are very important if you want to give more individuality to your look. I opted then for a pair of colourful sunglasses, even though I certainly could have gone for a pair of black shades (but this time though I wanted to keep it more playful!).

Then I went for a big stone ring and attached to my Louis Vuitton purse – since I still feel a quirky children inside –  a Mickey Mouse charm that I’d bought a couple of years ago in Paris.

Talking about black jacket is definitely a must-have for any girl: you can play with this kind of garment a lot, transforming it, coming up with millions of different matches from jeans and shorts to skirts and dresses. And I fully intend to wear it with everything.


























On me:

&OtherStories leather jacket

Balmain pour H&M blazer-jacket

Calzedonia tights

Louis Vuitton Eva purse

Adidas Originals Superstar sneakers

Photo credits: Davide Melfi

Via Margutta

Via Margutta

Everyone loves Rome.

There is something priceless we may have here, something unusual that no one can take away from us.

Been here once and you can’t help but come back to stroll over and over again these everlasting and fascinating streets.

But have you ever happened to wander in Via Margutta?! Located between Via del Babuino and Viale della Trinità dei Monti this little alley got a lot of magic to offer: antiques shops, backyards and b-sides of window displays of the famous boutiques, luxury apartments and hotels, hidden restaurants and top-notch fashion brands’ offices like Red Valentino (by the way did you know that Valentino was founded in Rome?).

Personally, I adore this “Via“, its charming and relaxing atmosphere, the peace of those climbing plants on the walls. When I first discovered this little paradise, I was completely in awe.  At the end of a working day, it’s just what you need to enjoy yourself while surrounded by its beauty. Do you agree?



IMG_6832 IMG_6860 IMG_6864 IMG_6886 IMG_6894 IMG_6930 IMG_6944 IMG_6951 IMG_7019 IMG_7082 IMG_7087 IMG_7157  IMG_7179 IMG_7219 IMG_7238 IMG_7253-1

I was wearing:

&OtherStories blouse

Zara jeans

Pierre Hardy multi-strap suede sandals

Furla Metropolis bag

Photo credits: Katerina Kutas