With the return of spring now is the perfect opportunity to change our hefty clothes to some chirpy ones, which usually come in more cheerful colours.

That’s why I’d like to introduce you my perfect handmade pink sweater that is especially great for this tricky time of year, when we’re still months away from t-shirt wearing but can no longer wear warm coats.

I usually pair it with something simple and casual like my boyfriend’s jeans or mini-leather skirt and the colour of the sweater does the rest. I’ve been wearing it quite often also during the winter time for the past few months, and strangers still stop me on the street to ask about my magical pink sweater. You can’t even imagine how many compliments I received and how many people insisted that it was definitely my colour!

So the conclusion is: don’t be afraid to wear bright colours and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how people will react to your outfit.

On me:

Handmade sweater by Valentina Kalashnikova

Collin’s jeans

Gucci dionysus bag

Carmens boots


Restaurant Christian, Moscow


Say hello to the velvet dress

Say hello to the velvet dress

I just got back from Moscow and was craving to share with you my new shooting and outfits.

This time in front of the most popular location of the city: the main shopping centre TSUM – a paradise for a luxurious shopping experience.

So here goes my new style to copy just right away to keep it cool and girly during the winter.

Enjoy 🙂

On me:

Cos shirt

I am velvet dress

Carmens boots

Gucci dionysus bag

Photo credits: 

Esenia Ivanova

Location: TSUM Moscow



Oversized Coat

Oversized Coat

Recently, I’ve been very fond of oversized coats and started to wear them practically with everything from heels and boots to sneakers and slip-ons. There are lots of reasons why I love to keep it  oversized –  it’s innovative, functional and simple but at the same time super-fashion.

A classic beige coat like the one I’m sporting in today’s post will never go out of style, and I am confident that I will be able to wear it for many years to come, because class is very important to me.

I was wearing:

Private Sun Oversized Beige Coat

Steve Madden Ankle Boot

Trapeze Céline Handbag

Liza was wearing:

COS khaki vest

COS Boxy Sweatshirt Dress

Alyssa  Makarova necklace

Photo Credits: Esenia Ivanova

SCD choice: lunch at HAVE A NICE DAY – H.A.N.D.

SCD choice: lunch at HAVE A NICE DAY – H.A.N.D.

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This time SCD choice have been taken in a different place and time from the usual. We met with my friend to have lunch in a truly lovely place that’s been open for less than a year, and specializes in healthy food and fresh products.

Located on the rooftop of Tsvetnoy Central Market, H.A.N.D. offers an amazing view on Tsvetnoy Boulevard and the centre of Moscow. We loved their beautiful and modern interiors filled with lots of lights, pastel colors and wooden pieces of furniture.

This place is perfect to escape from a big city life and spend your lunchtime with a collegaue/friend or just rest after your shopping session and eat something light.

The main chef from Marocco – Mr. Said Fadli – has divided his menu in three parts: vegetarian, fish and raw, and includes also dishes without sugar and gluten, as well as a big variety of smoothies. All the dishes are absolutely healthy, organic and give you a boost of energy for your day.

My tip for you here is to try their signature salmon burger with mango and avocado. I’m sure you won’t regret it.


I was wearing:

&OtherStories denim shirt

&OtherStories skirt

Trapeze Cèline handbag

Photographer: Esenia Ivanova

Flowers by Ksenia Bazyleva

Location: Have a Nice Day – H.A.N.D. Café



I’ve always loved my friends, our meetings, and no matter how old I’ll get, I’ll be always waiting for them with equal measure of happiness and enthusiasm. But why do we have to keep our good memories only in our minds? Having lived abroad for 3 years, without being able to talk to my friends every day or just whenever I want, I’ve started to cherish hanging out with them even more than before and appreciate those rare moments that we are able to share together. So we thought: why don’t we put one of these moments on a film and organize a pyjama style shooting?

Below you can find the results of our idea and I hope that you will enjoy our pictures as much as we do.

As for us, we will be keeping our memorable photos and great memories of how we were fooling around in the studio for many years to come….

“Never shall I forget the days I spent with you. Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours.”
– Ludwig van Beethoven


Наши встречи всегда запоминаются надолго, но почему мы должны теплится нашими воспоминаниями о них только в своей голове? Пожив 3 года заграницей, не имея возможности общаться со своими подругами каждый день или просто когда захочется, я стала очень дорожить нашими редкими встречами и моментами, которые нам удается разделить вместе. Поэтому почему бы не перенести один из этих моментов на фотопленку подумали мы, и решили организовать съёмку в стиле pijama party.

Надеюсь, что вам понравится наши снимки, ну а нам достанутся памятные фотографии на долгие годы и приятные воспоминания о том как дурачились на студии…


My outfit:

Bershka Jumper

Intimissimi pijama pants

Jewellery: Alyssa Makarova

Photographer: Daria Kukushkina

Special thanx to my dear girlfriend Liza Belova for sharing these moments with me..