Mad for Pom Pom

Mad for Pom Pom

The inspiration behind this playful look was the furry pom pom ice cream shirt made by russian brand Vasil Double Dress. From the moment I saw it, I fell in love with how cute and adorable it is.

So, when I began styling this outfit, I thought why not matching it with my so beloved ballerina skirt by Elendenlendressmaker? You may have noticed that ballerina skirts happen to be a recurring obsession for me.

Color also plays an important role when I style outfits.  A mix of pastel colors, soft pinks and beige is currently very trendy.

So if you need some more inspiration and to know how to style your ballerina skirt, take a look at our amazing shots and feel free to pick from my ideas for the hot season.








         Discover more on instagram @typegoodies by @art.amonova









I was wearing:

Vasil Double Dress pom pom shirt

Elendenlendressmaker ballerina skirt

Roberto Festa sandals

     Big thanx to KSENIA IVANOVA for the beautiful shots

“Bonjour” calligraphy by Artamonova Anastasia

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Falling for ballerina skirt

Falling for ballerina skirt

Today`s focus is on the ballerina handmade skirt by Elendenlendressmaker a total smooth fit – I`m absolutely besotted with it.

I know, fall is coming and you may believe it’s time to stash all your blouses and skirts back in your closets. But you are wrong because ballerina skirts ain’t only for spring and summer.

Color mixing has never been easier with them and with different texture and fabrics you can bring your look at all new level.

Take the piece of clothing you are looking to build into your outfit and add a ballerina skirt with it – your friends will go nuts for it!

















I was wearing:

Elendeledressmaker torqouis customized skirt

&OtherStories t-shirt

Max&Co stone necklace

Max&Co glitter sandals

Photo credits:

Daria Kukushkina


GUM Moscow

Coffee Story at Jean Jaques.

Coffee Story at Jean Jaques.

After a long stroll under the rain a hot drink is what you need to warm yourself up.

During our lives we eventually take some habits. For me a cup of a foamy cappuccino on the morning is an every day ritual and my own comfortable routine. Good or bad, it helps me get through the tasks that we daily face. 

In Italy it is very common to drink a sweet shot of an espresso at the bar without even sitting; in America it’s insanely popular to get a take away coffee and walk with it straight down the avenue. But I prefer to spare some time sipping my coffee-latte drink without being on the rush. That’s how I found the way to prepare for you a couple of cozy shots with my cup as a key player.

Take it from me: enjoy your day and don’t forget to savor the last bit of this summer before the rain will eventually sweep it away.

Big thanks to the manager of Jean Jaques on Stoleshnikov lane for hosting us outside despite the rainy day.

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Outfit details:

COS Dress

&OtherStories Leather Jacket

New Balance Sneakers

Furla Metropolis Bag

Jord Wood Watch

Dior Sunglasses

Pandora Bracelet

Location: Jean Jacques

Photo credits: Daria Kukushkina

Catching spring in Moscow

Catching spring in Moscow

Spring is already gone, but there is nothing better than recalling good memories related to it.

This year I had a chance to spend it in my country and got to say that being back there was absolutely delightful.

As of today, I will be always looking forward to my next trip there! God if it doesn’t make me feel joyful and happy!

Anyway, by now you should know that my blog is all about sharing my stories, journeys and experiences through my pictures.

And this time Moscow just gave its best to me.

What else you need when you have warm temperatures, a blue sky and beautiful blooming flowers all around you?

I was so lucky to witness all that beauty and a simple stroll in the center cheered me up (look at my smile in the photos).

But I had to be up to the challenge and so for my outfit I layered some tops to create the idea – so important in any big city – of a laid-back mood.

Check out then my pajama shirt, my over-sized jumper and ripped denim over my sandals with transparent heels. Not too shabby, right?

I hope that after this post on your next spring weekend you will think about me and MSC)))))

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Untitled Export3








Untitled Export4





On me:

COS pajama shirt

COS sweatshirt

Mango jeans

Pinko high heels sandals

Dior sunglasses

Furla Metropolis Bag

Location: Stoleshnikov Lane, Bolshaya Dmitrovka St.

Photo credits: Daria Kukushkina


Brera Girl

Brera Girl

Great to see you again here on my blog dear readers!

Today I am writing to you from my hometown in Russia. It’s a lovely day here, sunny and warm, just the way a spring day should be.

So rumors has it that I have been working on my last article for a while here in Sergiev-Posad and, I have to confess, I started to miss my Milanese lifestyle.

It’s weird, I know, but to cheer me up I’ve decided to share with you this amazing story: let me introduce you a “Brera girl experience”!

First, let me give you a little background here: recently leather mini-skirts have been growing on me so much. That’s why today I have matched with it a pair of purple suede pumps, dense black tights and a kimono white shirt. The point is that I just can’t help but blend last trends with evergreen pieces.

And with colors (black, dark blue, white, etc.) is the same story: white is simply my favorite one – classic and elegant, timeless and trendy.

But the best is yet to come anyway. In fact, once you got this great outfit, you can still play with it to make it more “spicy”. That’s why we got accessories, right???

This time my shiny necklace and Purpleheart & Mother of Pearl Jord Wood Watches were just the allies that I was looking for.

Now that I’ve described all my outfit, let me tell you more about Brera. We cherry picked this quaint neighborhood along with Ksenia – my friend and talented photographer – where there is the first fashion restaurant in Italy. Tirimasù Delishoes.

Recently opened, this place has already conquered all the fashionistas of Milan and not only. It’s a concept restaurant that got a lot to offer: fresh and delicious desserts for breakfast and exquisite high-end dishes for lunch and dinner.

I fell in love with it when I had a chance to try there a tasting menu on the house (courtesy of my friends – the Zomato team). Food was so good and you can even get yourself a gorgeous pair of shoes at the end of your meal! What could be better for us, girls? 🙂





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I was wearing:

COS shirt

&OtherStories leather skirt

Calzedonia tights

Prada suede pumps

Michael Kors hamilton mini bag

Purpleheart & Mother of Pearl Jord Wood Watches 

Ph: Ksenia Ivanova

Location: Tiramisu Delishoes